Eco Rubber is used for Waterproofing and allows for maximum protection

Eco Rubber is a waterproofing coat that has elastic, adhesive, and protective properties. It is a great choice for waterproofing and has an abundance of benefits. Once installed, it cures into a seamless membrane. Here’s a few reasons why installing Eco Rubber is the best choice for you:


We identify and solve all roof waterproofing problems

Roofs are an element of any home or building that should be protected. If a roof is left to weather the storm on its own, you may encounter a few problems. It is important to waterproof your roof to avoid interior damage. When waterproofing a home or building, it is important to have it done properly or you may encounter roof waterproofing problems. Here are some problems that could be encountered:


Waterproofing at it’s best with EcoWise Rubberise.

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